Esalen Outdoor Massage

Esalen Outdoor Massage Esalen massage, sometimes referred to as California massage, finds its roots in Swedish massage techniques. Like Swedish massage, the Esalen massage therapist manipulates the client’s skin through direct contact. Esalen strokes are longer and more fluid than what you’d find in the typical Swedish massage. The major benefit of Esalen massage therapy is relaxation. The massage modality avoids deep muscle work, putting the focus on soothing strokes that can travel the length of the entire body. Pain reduction, depression reduction, and increased immune response are all benefits of Esalen massage. Esalen, which is traditionally performed in a peaceful outdoor setting, can help elevate the mood and leave the recipient with a feeling of well-being.


We use the following lotions and gels:

  • Unscented Swedish lotion or gel
  • Herbal face therapy lotion
  • Herbal foot therapy lotion
  • Other lotions and gels available by client request

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