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Anti-Cellulite Massage

Cellulite therapy using massage is one of the best ways of cellulite reduction. Not only does it help in fat burning, it also helps improve blood circulation as well as the release of toxins and debris accumulated in the area. You will get positive results if you couple the cellulite massage with good foods plus a few exercises and drinking lots of water.

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Revitalizing Polishes:

Micro-Buff Body Polish

If your skin is feeling rough due to weather, sun damage, or other irritation.

Lotus Touch Citrus Body Polish

It not only exfoliates, but hydrates the skin as the active moisturizer base is absorbed.

Rejuvenating Scrubs:

Lotus Touch Brown Sugar Scrub

Whisk away sluggish skin cells with the exfoliating action of raw brown sugar.

Shea Sugar Scrub

An acclaimed  organic, mild exfoliating treatment. We use the industries best certified organic shea butter.