Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage is a massage dealing with the neurological system and the muscles. Neuromuscular therapy deals with trigger points. Trigger points are points on the body that you can’t see, but they’re highly irritable and highly sensitive to touch. These points trigger pain in other places that seem to be totally unrelated. There are different causes for trigger point pain. One cause is a muscle having inadequate oxygen supply because there are not enough blood and nutrients getting to the muscle. Inadequate circulation, inadequate vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron can all lead to trigger point pain. If you don’t have enough of these vitamins and minerals in your body after exercise, your muscles will become stiff and not allow full and adequate blood flow through the muscles. When you don’t have that blood flow, the lactic acid that builds up from stress and exercise builds and builds and creates total soreness in your muscles. A trigger point massage can help ease a very hypersensitive point on your body. The second reason is injury. Cartilage, bone, muscle, and fascia can impinge or impede nerves. Another reason is poor posture that could be from anxiety or depression. Usually, when somebody is feeling down, their posture isn’t the greatest and it is reflected in how they stand. When your posture is distorted, no matter the reason, your muscles and nerves suffer.

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